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Twelve-year-old Shai hates everything about moving to America from Israel. She’s determined to come up with a plan that will get her back home (and away from her molecular-biologist dad, who’s job has made them move, and his involvement in GMO’s might create even more trouble for her). Maybe she can go back with her grandparents when they come visit. Or maybe she can win the drawing competition that’s offering a a plane ticket to any destination in the world as a grand prize. Meanwhile, though, she’s stuck in seventh grade at an American school, where she has to communicate in English and get used to American ways of doing things. Worst of all, she faces antisemitism up close for the first time. But she also finds support and friendship where she least expected it and starts to see her new life with different eyes. Maybe home doesn’t have to be the place she’s always lived.


Maybe home can be a place in the heart.

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